Green Sub-branch

Like his father before, Daniel II had to flee to Hof.

Daniel supposedly married Hildegard von Rheinfelden (his grandfather seems to have married a lady named Hildegard von Rheinfelden, too) of Basel, where he lived until 1430. Later he moved to Wissembourg, his mother’s native town.

In 1445 his eldest son Hans (about 1421–1480) went back to Breslau, where he married Ursula von Kleckewitz. By this marriage he became the owner of the manor of Kleckewitz (Kleckewitz line) near Raguhn (now Saxony-Anhalt). In 1452 he bought the manor of Löberitz in Saxony, near Bitterfeld.

On 17 September 1725 his descendant Christian Ludwig III (1698-1736) was knighted (Reichsfreiherr) by the Emperor Karl VI.

In 1833 one of the descendants of his brother Karl August, Karl (1809-1874), settled in Riga (Latvia).

His grandsons stayed in the Baltic countries: From 1927 to 1939 Carl Otto Wilhelm von Schilling (1872-1954) was a professor of civil right at the Herder Institute of Riga. His brother Otto (1874-1929) was a journalist and poet in Riga, and Gustav (1875-1934) was a teacher in Riga as well as at the Cathedral School of Reval/Tallinn.

When in 1941 his son Karl was killed in action in Russia, the male line of this line became extinct.

Karl had two daughters: Susanne (*Dorpat/Tartu, Estonia, 1917, +Vienna 1997) and Waltraud (*Dorpat/Tartu 7.6.1920).

In 1940 Waltraud married firstly (23.3.1940) Ralph Martinoff, killed in action near Leningrad in 1942. Their only daughter Christine Gesa Martinoff (*6.3.1941 in Myschkow/Poland) is married to Owen Smith and lives in the USA. They have three children.