The Rhineland Lines

Ritter Daniel Schilling

Konrad Schilling in St. Nicolaus church / Kottenheim

Johann II, son of the eastern ancestor Friedrich, was the only member in the oldest Schilling of Lahneck line who was not under the imperial ban. After his brother Friedrich II had renounced his claims he held his father’s quarter Schilling Burgmannen (low nobility) share in Lahneck and Oberlahnstein. These lines became extinct in the 16th century

Kuonrat (born 1212), son of our common ancestor Heinrich, also stayed in the area of Lahnstein.

His son Mathes was a Knight of the Teutonic Order.

One of his descendants, Konrad (died 1539), was mayor in Andernach. His tomb with a figure is in St. Nicolaus Church in Kottenheim. There are restauration works pending, which are being financed and coordinated by the Förderverein Junker Schilling e.V. located in Kottenheim, for which we are very grateful. An expertise on the restauration task is available on (in German language).

There is an epitaph for his father Daniel (born around 1470) in the parish church in Andernach.