Origin of the Eastern Line

Friedrich (around 1240 – 1310), presumably executed in Cologne, is supposedly the ancestor of the eastern branch of the family.

He was the grandchild of the alleged ancestor of the Schilling family (see family lineage).

Friedrich supposedly married the daughter of a citizen of Cologne. His son Friedrich II (mentioned in 1331) stayed in Cologne. According to our genealogist Heinar Schilling, Friedrich’s son Theoderich (mentioned in documents dated 1352, 1356 and 1357) moved from Cologne to Hamburg.

This is where his grandson Albert (descendant of Theoderich’s second son Heinrich) was elected mayor in 1464.

Theoderich’s eldest son Friedrich (mentioned in 1396) moved from Hamburg to Braunschweig.

His grandson Georg (mentioned in 1490) was presumably buried in the cathedral of Braunschweig. On the occasion of the renovation of the cathedral in 1939 the tombstone seems to have been taken away, though there is no written evidence in Braunschweig. One of Georg’s sons, Kaspar (mentioned in 1490), was supposedly engaged in business in Livonia, one of the states of the Teutonic Order at this time.

Coat of Arms of the Eastern Line

Western Line Coat of Arms